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CIM products have been keeping liquids where they belong for over 30-years in applications including potable water requiring ANSI/NSF 61 certification, primary and secondary chemical containment, waste water systems, cooling towers, parking decks, pavement repair, water features and fountains, and many other uses.

cim 1000 applied on bolted steel containment pond

CIM High Performance Coatings

From Protection Engineering

CIM high performance coatings and linings supplied by Protection Engineering are used in applications ranging from roofing and decking to tanks and reservoirs.  A continuous 60-100 mil layer of CIM is easily applied with a squeegee, roller, trowel or spray equipment. Seamless application reduces installation and maintenance labor dramatically. Successful field applications have been in constant service since 1970.

CIM 1000 / Trowel Grade

Two-component industrial coatings that form a seamless, tough elastomeric lining.

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CIM 1061 - NSF 61 Approved

Elastomeric coating  - ANSI/NSF 61 approved for potable water contact.

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CIM 2000 100% Solids

100% solids polyurethane that does not require a plural component  equip

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